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Day Two – An esteem of God

READ: Psalm 63 and then focus on verses 3 and 4


  1. In these next two verses David changes gear from expressing desire for God to expressing something else – what would you say it is?
  2. When he says ‘your love is better than life’ he isn’t speaking lightly because his life is actually under threat. Would you like to be able to say that with as much conviction as David?
  3. In verses 3 and 4 David gives us the fruit of a heart that values God above life itself – what is it?

WORSHIP: Take time to listen to (or sing) a worship song, allowing the words of verses 4 and 5 to wash over you. (read them a couple of times during the song)


  1. Is knowing God’s love your highest priority? If not, what small changes can you make going forward to make this a priority?
  2. Think about ways in which you can glorify God with your lips. Write down one that you are going to apply today. Try to be specific


Write down anything else that God has been speaking to you about, taking time to listen even as you write.


Pray that God would help you to make knowing him and his love your greatest priority. Pray for an opportunity to share one thing you have learnt in this study with one Christian friend and one non-Christian friend (if possible, one of the people on your Engage Card). Remember to avoid ‘Christianese’ when sharing with non-Christians!

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