5 Habits of Highly Missional People

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I found this 9 minute clip very helpful. There’s an idea the guy presents that makes so much sense to me (in the context of making disciples.), and here it is: The traditional view of culture-change is that we THINK ourselves into new ways of ACTING, but quite often it’s the other way around – we ACT ourselves into new ways of THINKING.

In other words, finding simple, repeatable ACTIONS can really help you to completely change the way you THINK. For many of us, the IDEA of reaching people for Christ is one we 100% agree with, but DOING something about it somehow doesn’t follow as easily as believing it. 

We’re often waiting for our thinking to change to a point where our actions will start to change. The challenge in this clip is to start acting, to the point where your thinking starts to change – very powerful! Some churches have come up with a model they call BELLS, which is an acronym for five simple things you can start DOING today (none of which are out of the ordinary).

If you’re eager to obey Christ’s commission to make disciples, and are looking for a simple next step, this will help you immensely!


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