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READ: Psalm 63 and then focus on the first two verses.


1. This Psalm was written by David while he was in the desert/wilderness, evidently in fear for his life. Are you in a kind of desert/wilderness in any area of your life?

2.  What is the first thing David declares in this Psalm and why do you think that is a good place to start?

3.  What word does David use to describe the manner in which he seeks God? Can you say the same is true for you?

4. What do you think it would look like for your “whole being” do long for God? (Your spirit, mind, emotions and your body)

5. David says he has seen God’s power and Glory (goodness). In what ways have you seen God’s power and glory in your life?

WORSHIP: Take time to listen to (or sing) a worship song, allowing the words of the first two verses to wash over you. (read them a couple of times during the song)


1. The foundation of this Psalm is David’s declaration of who God is to him (MY God). Is there anything in your life that has become your God? (That which you look to for security, significance and self worth? That from which you derive your greatest pleasure, joy and satisfaction?). If we are serious about pursuing God, we must repent of making other things/people the primary objects of our pursuit. Write down in your journal the things you need to repent of.

2. How can you start to pursue God more earnestly with your mind and your body? What will you do differently this week in response to this?


Write down anything else that God has been speaking to you about, taking time to listen even as you write.


  1. Pray that God would help you to see through all that you have committed to do this coming week.
  2. Pray also for the people whose names you’ve written on your Engage Card. Pray for opportunities to engage with them this week, even if it’s just to ask them how they are doing.

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