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Day Four ‘A joyful dependence upon God’

FAST: Hopefully you have already decided on how you are going to fast today. If not, try to drop just one meal as we reflect together on our dependence upon God.

READ: Psalm 63 and then focus on verses 7 and 8


  1. David says, “Because you are my help…” In what ways has God helped you in the last little while? (health, provision, encouragement, direction?). Think of specific things and give thanks to him for being your help.
  2. How can the realization that as a Christian you are living ‘in the shadow of (God’s) wings’ help you to overcome fear and anxiety? – what do you think those ‘wings’ represent?
  3. Verse 8 is a beautiful juxtaposition of man’s responsibility and God’s sovereignty. What is your responsibility? What does God do?

WORSHIP: Take time to listen to (or sing) a worship song, allowing the words of verses 7 and 8 to wash over you. (read them a couple of times during the song)


  1. Think about what it means to ‘cling to God.’ What two things can you commit to today in response to this?
  2. As you fast today, try to hold on to this dual image of clinging on to God who all the while is upholding you by his power. Fasting requires discipline from us, but at the same time we can do nothing except by the strength that God gives.


Speak to God (write down) areas in your life that you want to stop depending on yourself or others and start depending on him.


Pray that you would experience God in a deeper way as you seek him with fasting and prayer.

Pray that you would be a witness for Christ in at least one distinct way.

God bless.

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