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Day Three ‘A satisfaction in God’

READ: Psalm 63 and then focus on verses 5 and 6


1.  Imagine you haven’t eaten all day and you walk into a kitchen where someone is cooking your favourite meal – roast chicken or whatever does it for you! What do you experience in that moment? Then imagine tucking into that delicious meal and eating your fill. What do you experience then?

2.  Reflect on the fact that David likens his soul’s satisfaction in God to the satisfaction one gets from eating the richest of foods!

3. Does spending time in God’s presence do for your soul what a fine meal does for your body or is it a ‘discipline’ that you have to get through once in a while?

WORSHIP: Take time to listen to (or sing) a worship song, allowing the words of verses 5 and 6 to wash over you. (read them a couple of times during the song)


1. When we lie down to sleep, our minds are often full of all sorts of things. David says ‘on my bed I remember you (God)’. What can you do practically to fill your heart and mind with thoughts of God when you lie down to sleep?

2. When you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, how can you prepare yourself for thinking about God ‘through the watches of the night?’ instead of watching TV or entertaining anxious thoughts?

3.  Acts 2 speaks about seeing visions and dreaming dreams in the context of the outpouring of the Spirit. Have you ever thought about asking God for visions and dreams while you sleep? (He won’t do it for our amusement, but as we align ourselves to his purposes there’s no reason why he cannot speak to us in this way – especially when we fill our hearts and minds with his Word before we sleep)


Write down your heart’s desire from this morning’s reading. Write it as David did – a personal conversation with God.


Pray that your hunger for God would increase (which will mean that your appetite for worldly things will decrease!)

Pray for the names on your Engage card. Pray that God would cause them to hunger for him, even if they wouldn’t put it in those words.

REMEMBER – TOMORROW WE FAST TOGETHER! Prepare your heart and mind for this time of consecration unto the Lord.

Be blessed in all you do today.

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