Day Five ‘A triumph in God over enemies’

READ: Psalm 63 and then focus on verses 9-11


  1. How does David plan on dealing with his enemies? How much time does he appear to invest in planning their downfall?
  2. David had enemies who literally wanted to take his life, yet his focus did not seem to be on them – where did he focus his time and energy?

WORSHIP: Take time to listen to (or sing) a worship song, allowing the words of verses 9-11 to wash over you. (read them a couple of times during the song)


  1. Who would you consider ‘an enemy?’ Is it a colleague/boss who’s making your life difficult? A client who is levelling false accusations against you? A friend who has let you down? A spouse who is not treating you the way you think they should? ‘Enemy’ is too strong a word for all of these, but the principle still applies. How will you turn your attention/energy from a difficult person/situation and focus on God?
  2. Jesus took it a step further and said we are to love our enemies and bless those who persecute us, for then we show that we are like our Heavenly Father who causes the sun to rise on the righteous and wicked alike (Matthew 5:44). How can you implement that today?


Write down what you’ve learnt about yourself this week, and then what you’ve learnt about God. Commit to paper your plan for keeping your own ‘One Percent Challenge’ going forward.


Pray that God would give you the grace to love your ‘enemies’ in a tangible way, and pray for them that through your Christ-like attitude, doors would be opened to share the gospel with him/her/them.


That’s it for our One Percent Challenge! Well done if you managed to get through all or most of it. I hope you’ve seen how simple it is to take Scripture, apply it to your life and use it as a basis for a vibrant prayer life. Here’s hoping you keep growing in your devotional life and perhaps even break through the One Percent!

God bless


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