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An Unexpected Frontline

Hi guys

Rindai told me a remarkable story about one of those calls we all get weekly from a call centre, trying to sell us one thing or another. Short story is that she got talking to the guy, found some common ground, met up with him and invited him to church. I met him yesterday, just phoned him a few minutes ago, and he tells me he’s meeting up with Ed shortly – and if you know Ed, you’ll know that a journey of discipleship has just started! All from a call centre “interruption” to someone’s day. 

I was so inspired that when I got “a call” today, I listened patiently then asked whether she was interested in me at all, or was just trying to sell me something (nice one hey?) She said she was interested (obviously!!), which was great because I told her that I’m a pastor and asked her if she’s a Christian. Short story – she “was” but then married a Muslim and “converted.” We had a chat around that and she told me that she’s praying for him to be saved. I asked for his name and prayed for him there and then. She lives in Durban so I’m unlikely to ever meet her, but I suspect she feels that God reached into her life today, and who knows where that will lead? I asked her to call me when he accepts Christ!

Friends, do you love people enough to turn every day encounters (even potentially annoying ones) into opportunities to tell people about Jesus? No matter where or how you meet them, what they look like or how they speak – they’re all God’s children and He longs for them. Will you let Him use you this week on your Frontline to reach out to just one of them?

Be the fire! (Our new slogan from Sunday)



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