Crossroads is a resource tool developed by the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), with the aim of helping the local church train Christians on how to live and lead for Christ. The course comprises of 17 intensive lessons covering major themes of the Christian faith. It is divided into two tracks, The Way to Live (9 lessons) and The Way to Lead (8 lessons). At CityHill a typical lesson happens on a Saturday from 9am-1:30pm, once a month. Contact us to find out about costs and enrolment.
Below are the lessons titles for each track:

Crossroads 1 Lessons

1. Growing in God – (Spiritual Growth)
2. Grounded in God – (Christian Foundations)
3. Reflecting Jesus – (Christian Character)
4. Jesus: His Life and Legacy – (Gospels and Acts: A Survey)
5. Spiritual Gifts – (Spiritual Gifts)
6. Trusting Your Guide – (Faith)
7. One God, three Persons – (The Trinity)
8. The mission of God 1 – (Old Testament Survey 1)
9. Your role in God’s plan – (God’s Redemption Plan)

Crossroads 2 Lessons

1. The way of love – (Christian Ethics)
2. The mission of God 2 – (Old Testament Survey 2)
3. From Sinner to Saint – (The Doctrines of Man, Sin, and Salvation)
4. Leading God’s way – (Biblical Leadership)
5. Mining God’s treasures – (Hermeneutics)
6. Overcoming the enemy – (Biblical Spiritual Warfare)
7. Defending your faith – (Apologetics)
8. Ideas and their consequences – (Worldviews)

Crossroads is a pre-tertiary programme (meaning it is NOT an accredited tertiary training programme), however, upon completion students have the option of enrolling for a Certificate or Degree programme with SATS where they can earn 24-48 credits for the work covered in Crossroads.
Here is what some people at CityHill are saying about the course:

“The time I spent on the Crossroads programme has proved to be very rewarding, exciting and has also raised many questions for me, concerning God, the Word and Christianity. The course structure and the method of tuition created an environment where I felt very comfortable to ask questions, some of which I’ve carried for years but never felt the environment to be comfortable enough to ask.”
Fiona Hadebe
“I thank God for revealing Himself to me through the tool that is Crossroads. There is not one module that I can specifically point out to but the journey of the discipline required to push through the two years has been worth it. I have wrestled with a few things through this journey as I have had to let go of what I held on so true to what I thought Christianity was about.”
Wadzanai Mabuto