Habakkuk is a minor prophetic book covering the grand themes of God’s sovereignty, theodicy, and human suffering. In this series, we will explore how the book speaks to 7th century BC Judah and the church in 21st century Johannesburg. Our hope is that we, like Habakkuk, would respond appropriately to various forms of suffering and persecution in our world.

1. When evil thrives

In this sermon we will look at Habakkuk’s complaints to God. We will explore how a healthy faith in God can coexist with unresolved questions around God’s response to evil.

2. The just shall live by Faith

In this sermon we will look at a statement that has shaped Christianity for centuries. Habakkuk’s use of the phrase “The just shall live by faith” will be compared to its use in the New Testament.

3. Attitudes in Trial

In this sermon we will look at what Habakkuk says to those going through trial. We will open up Habakkuk 3 to unpack the psalm laced with hope.

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