Holy Spirit Series

Truth be told, many of us struggle to live the Christian life the way we should. We find it hard to consistently obey the Great Commandment, to love God and others – and the Great Commission, to go and make disciples; to say nothing of living holy lives! Well, the good news is that God never intended for us to do it in our own strength and wisdom; he gave us his Holy Spirit.
In this series, we learn more about this most precious gift.

Part 1 – Who is the Holy Spirit?
Most of us have received quite a lot of teaching on God the Father, and Jesus Christ his Son – but there seems to be little teaching on the Holy Spirit. What or what is the Holy Spirit, and why does it matter?

Part 2 – What does the Holy Spirit do?
You may have seen people shaking or crying in a church service or when they’re being prayed for. Is that what the Holy Spirit does? – spice up our worship meetings? No, he’s not an optional extra for our amusement – we cannot be effective Christians if we do not understand the work of the Spirit.

Part 3 – How can I receive the Holy Spirit?
Do all Christians have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them? Is there a separate experience from salvation called “being filled with the Spirit?” If so, how can I come into that experience, and what difference does it make to my life?

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