The Grace of God – Part 3

Sibs Sibanda
August 30, 2015

The Grace of God – Part 3

If my righteous standing before God (justification) has nothing to do with my behaviour; if when my sin increases, God’s grace increases – then surely it doesn’t matter how I live! And in fact, I should probably sin more and more so that God’s grace in my life can increase all the more! Believe it or not, if you’ve drawn any of these conclusions from the teaching thus far, you’re on the right track! You’ve grasped the absolute scandal of justification by faith alone! So now hopefully it’s safe to move on, because as an unknown author once wrote, “Any concept of grace that makes us more comfortable sinning is not Biblical grace.” This sermon looks at life after justification, where Paul answers the all-important question of how the justified stop sinning!

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