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Psalms: Songs for all seasons

In the next few weeks our focus will be on the Psalms. We will look at how the Psalms help us to have a right view of God’s greatness in creation and in all we do. Join us as we cover four Psalms from different collections. Through this series we hope to worship God with all that we are, regardless of what we may be experiencing or lacking.

  1. Psalm 24

    This Psalm of David, will help us appreciate themes of, God’s sovereignty, God’s holiness, and our pursuit of him.

  2. Psalm 71

    This Psalm will help us recall and celebrate God’s rescue, and restoration.

  3. Psalm 84

    This Psalm inspires us to worshipfully trust in God regardless of privilege or circumstance.

  4. Psalm 106

    This Psalm will help us appreciate God’s covenental faithfulness throughout history. We will see that Israel’s history is our history and that God’s acts in the past and present are worthy of highest praise.

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