Work Matters

The Great Command is to Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength – basically with everything you are and have. That’s fairly easy to understand when you think about your church life, but what does that look like from Monday to Friday? Does the gospel have anything to say to what you spend most of your life doing? In this series, based on Tim Keller’s book ‘Every Good Endeavour’ we will explore the biblical vision for work and see how the gospel changes how we view and engage with our 9-to-5.

Part 1: God’s plan for work

When the Bible opens the curtain of human history in the book of Genesis, we’re confronted with an unexpected scene – God at work. This is followed by another unexpected scene – the first human being at work; and all this before sin ever entered the world! This should tell us something about how God views work. In this message, we discover what that is.

PART 2: Our problems with work

Anyone who’s worked for any length of time will know that as good as work is, it invariably brings with it a lot of frustration, pain, discouragement and disillusionment. In this message we find out how God’s good plan for work went so wrong.

PART 3: The gospel and work

Is Jesus’ death and resurrection a promise that one day we can escape our painful toil on the earth and head off to an eternal holiday in the sky? By no means! Christ’s redemption gives meaning and hope to our present labour and prepares us for an eternity of glorious work in the new heavens and the new earth! In this message, we examine the hope held out in the gospel for our work.

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